Business Greeting Cards! Unique Pop-Up Christmas Cards pop into ornaments and make Christmas tree decorations for home or holiday business greetings!

By ground, lower 48 states

Animated by a hidden rubber band Graphics3’s award-winning Pop-up Christmas cards and calendars mail flat and pop-up when removed from the envelope. Designed to move, surprise and delight.

More than a ornament for the Christmas tree, a gift... a conversation piece. Just personalize the tag. No assembly - only regular First Class Postage.

Pop-Up Christmas Card Video
Rubber Band Activated! - Just Sign The Tag!
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Pop-Up 2015 Calendar Video
Watch it Pop-Up to see all sides

Have you ever seen your Christmas card displayed three years after you sent it? ...or received compliments on your company calendar?

Graphics3's incomparable rubberband activated Pop-up Christmas cards and calendars pop-up in recipient's hands when removed from the envelope to become decorations for the table or Christmas ornaments for the tree!

Unlike pop-up greeting cards and pop-up books that manually unfold from between covers as you open them, the familiar notion of a pop-up card, our innovative pop-up Christmas card designs assemble themselves automatically into fully dimensional, freestanding 3d paper miniatures on opening the envelope. They hat look for all the world more like hand made gifts rather than the common conception of pop-ups we all love.

Whimsical buildings, houses with walls and roofs that pop-up to stand by themselves - Christmas scenes with Santa and his elves, Santa’s rocket ship, a birdhouse, vintage cars, a red paper airplane with Santa in the cockpit, Sleighs, flower carts and more - all emerge from a simple envelope to transform your greeting – business or personal – into a memorable experience.

We can imprint your pop-up Christmas cards or pop-up calendars with your name, corporate greeting or logo – or you can just sign the matching gift tag attached to each card to personalize by hand!

All mail at regular First Class Letter rates! No assembly - Just the magic of great design that customer's love!

Constructed of recyclable paper, vegetable inks, rubber and string. The impact will be on your fortunate recipients not the environment.

For 42 years Graphics3 has been creating unique pop-up Christmas cards personalized for business and personal use that help our customers rise above the crowd. 3D printing since 1974 the ingenious old-fashioned way; before computers were ubiquitous! Our products are made in North America and sold directly. Not available in stores.

See them here on video or request an audition! We guarantee your satisfaction!

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